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10wC for support classes

How support classes can take part in the 10 week Challenge

It is important for all students to be active and maintain healthy lifestyles. All students can take part in the 10wC and the PSC encourages all schools / teachers with support students to adapt the 10wC to suit their class so their students are 'more active, more often'. 

Recording activity

During PSC registration, any class identified as a 'specialist support class' will be sent Specialist support class logbooks. These are are modified logbooks with the focus is on doing activity every day, not on logging minutes of activities.

If teachers wish to use other logbooks (K-2, 3-6 or 7-12) with their support students, they can:

The 10wC activity tracker web app  is also available to support students to track their activity. Please see the  'Using the PSC 10wC activity tracker web app' (PDF 2200KB) guide. 

All teachers can access their school's 10wC e-Wall charts in the PSC Tracker by logging in through the '10wC organisation login' - see your PSC Facilitator for the school's login details - 'username' and 'password'.

Submitting final 10wC awards

10wC final awards default to a bronze level if e-Wall charts are unfilled. Teachers can edit and submit final awards through the e-Wall chart (green button on top right of page). As support students may not have tracked their minutes of activity, teachers can edit their class or student's award levels as appropriate. See the 'Submitting final awards for the 10wC' (PDF 807KB) guide. 

PSC participation funding grant

PSC student participation grants are based on the number of students registered in the 10 week Challenge (10wC). The grant can be used to support sport and physical activity programs. Please see your PSC Facilitator if you have suggestions on how this grant could be used for support students such as attendance at an inclusive school sport event.