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How do I Race Around Australia?

What is the Race Around Australia (RAA)?

Over the 8 weeks participants take part in any form of physical activity which are then converted into 'RAA kilometers'. These distances are then logged on the RAA website, with individual and team distances being displayed on a map to track participants/teams racing around the coast of Australia.

Log in as a participant using this link. Click the participant icon. This will take you to your 'Participant dashboard' page. 

Note: Team Managers (Workplace Champions) can also log their personal activity, as well as other team members activity, through their Team Manager dashboard. Use the link above to log in, but click the Team Manager icon. 

Click the 'Add new distance' button and type in the 'kilometres; and/or 'metres' you have done and select the date you wish to add this distance to, then click the 'Add' button. 

Note: You need to convert your activity to RAA kms before adding it into the website. See the information below. 

How is activity accrued and tracked?

Activity is tracked in 'RAA kilometres' on the RAA website. Participants accrue activity and convert them into 'RAA kilometres' (PDF 133KB) . 
These can be accrued in four main ways:

  • Distance activities: 1 km of running or walking is 1 RAA km.
  • Convert daily steps or activity steps: 1,250 steps are equal to 1 RAA km.
  • Timed activities: a general rule is that 5 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity (something that makes you huff and puff) is 1 RAA km.
  • Prescribed activities: the 10@10 sessions are 10 minutes of moderate-intense activity, and the Wednesday Wellbeing sessions are 20 minutes of low-moderate activity, with both worth 2 RAA kms.

Please note:

- Activity must be converted before adding your 'RAA km' distance to the RAA website.

- You cannot 'double dip' your activity. If you do a 5km run you can only allocate 5 RAA kms, and must not include the steps for these in a step conversion. 

When do I need to enter my RAA km distance to the website?

We recommend you add your 'RAA km' distances regularly. This helps not only helps your team move more around the map but is also a positive form of feedback and habit setting tool. So make sure you schedule your daily activity and log it when you finish. 

Participants who are tracking steps may wish to convert their steps to 'RAA kms' and enter them at the end of the day. 

You can back date your activity if you do not enter it everyday, or you can accumulate your 'RAA kms' and add them as a larger amount in one entry. 

 If you enter a wrong distance you can request your Team Manager/Workplace Champion to delete the entry.