The Secretary’s wellbeing challenge, Activ8 your Workplace, is an initiative involving corporate staff taking part in the Race Around Australia (RAA), and other initiatives from the School Sport Unit and NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC).

What are the benefits of being active?

There are many benefits to being active, especially in the workplace. Physically active employees have lower absentee rates, improved productivity, reduced stress and better mental health. There is also strong evidence that shows when staff are role models for physical activity and commit to good health practices, this can have a positive impact on student physical activity levels and wellbeing.

What is Activ8 your Workplace? 


Activ8 your Workplace provides an opportunity for corporate staff to become more active and focus on their wellbeing over an 8-week period during Term 3.

The main activity involves participation in Race Around Australia, a virtual physical activity challenge where teams of colleagues, led by workplace champions, virtually race around Australia. Other activities and webinars will also be offered to re-familiarise participants with the existing departmental support and services that are available.

The main goal of Activ8 your Workplace is to recognise the benefits that can be achieved by focusing on personal health and wellbeing and to have 'more people more active, more often'  Staff can be involved no matter where their workplace is located – whether it be at home or in an office. 


When does it start?

In 2021, corporate staff are invited to participate in Activ8 your Workplace which will take place over 8 weeks in Term 3, from Monday 2 August to Sunday 26 September. 

How can I get involved?

All corporate staff are encouraged to join a team to be part of Activ8 your Workplace. Ideally we would like to keep teams at approximately a maximum of 20, so if you are part of a large team consider making multiple teams within your directorate/unit.

  • Become a workplace champion and register a team

Workplace champions register teams and help to promote and coordinate their team's participation. They are required to complete the workplace champion registration form and form a team. Before Race Around Australia starts, they will share the team code for their team participants to join. From there, it's all about encouraging your team to be as active as they can. 

  • Be a participant in a team

Find your workplace champion to join their team. They will forward you more information and the team code when it is available prior to the challenge commencing.

Can't find a workplace champion? Be one and make a team. If not, join as an individual - see below.

  • Don't have a team to join? 

If you do not have a team that would like to be involved, you can register as an individual, and we can find or create a team for you, such as the Secretary’s Team. Complete the individual registration form to show your interest. 

What can I do to 'Activ8 my Workplace'?

Workplace champions and team participants can get their workplace more active by:

  • Organising a workplace walking group
  • Encouraging walking meetings where possible
  • Encouraging staff to join in the 10@10 - this is a 10 minute exercise session at 10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, hosted by the PSC Team through Zoom
  • Organsing a lunchtime sporting competition
  • Encouraging staff to be have active breaks from their work
  • Encouraging staff to walk or ride to work
  • Creating a staff team for your local parkrun
  • Creating a weekly workplace challenge.

What is the Race Around Australia (RAA)?

Over the 8 weeks participants take part in any form of physical activity which are then converted into 'RAA kilometers'. These distances are then logged on the RAA website, with individual and team distances being displayed on a map to track participants/teams racing around the coast of Australia.

How is activity accrued and tracked?

Activity is tracked in RAA kilometres (PDF 133KB) on the RAA website, and these can be accrued in four main ways:

  • Distance activities: 1 km of running or walking is 1 RAA km.
  • Convert daily steps or activity steps: 1,250 steps are equal to 1 RAA km.
  • Timed activities: a general rule is that 5 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity (something that makes you huff and puff) is 1 RAA km.
  • Prescribed activities: the 10@10 is 10 minutes of moderate activity and is worth 2 RAA kms.