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Important dates for 2022 PSC programs

Term 4
Date Program 
Week 2 (18 October) End-of-Challenge (EoC) RAA data cut off for EoC certificate printing
Week 3 (24 October) End-of-Challenge (EoC) 10wC final awards submission cut off for main EoC certificate printing
Week 5 (1 November) Final End-of-Challenge (EoC) 10wC awards submission for late EoC certificate printing
Week 7 End-of-Challenge (EoC) certificate distribution to schools for early submitted schools (pre 25.10.22)
Week 9 Second end-of-Challenge (EoC) certificate distribution to schools for late submitted schools (after 24.10.22)


*PSC starter kits include: 10wC logbooks, K-2 magnets, PSC Student Ambassador badges, PSC Student Medal & any additional activity resources. 

**RAA starter kit includes information and activity resources specific to Race Around Australia.