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Activ8 your Workplace

Activ8 your Workplace, is an initiative which encourages corporate and school staff to take part in the Race Around Australia (RAA), and other initiatives from the School Sport Unit, NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC), and other department areas.

Further updates on the Activ8 your Workplace initiative for 2023 will be provided soon. RAA is on hold for 2023.

What is Activ8 your Workplace?

Activ8 your Workplace provides an opportunity for all DoE staff to become more active and focus on their wellbeing over an 8-week period during Term 3.

The main activity involves participation in a PSC challenge initiative. Other activities and webinars will also be offered to re-familiarise participants with the existing departmental support and services that are available.

The main goal of Activ8 your Workplace is to recognise the benefits that can be achieved by focusing on personal health and wellbeing and to have 'more people more active, more often'.  Staff can be involved no matter where their workplace is located – whether it be at home, or in an office. 

What are the benefits of being active?

There are many benefits to being active, especially in the workplace. Physically active employees have lower absentee rates, improved productivity, reduced stress and better mental health. There is also strong evidence that shows when staff are role models for physical activity and commit to good health practices, this can have a positive impact on student physical activity levels and wellbeing.


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Last updated: 1 August 2022