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Late 10wC award submission - due date 7.11.22

PSC Facilitators & coordinating teachers are reminded to submit award levels for all 10 week Challenge (10wC) participants in the PSC Tracker by Monday 11 November (Term 4 Week 5). 

  • Schools may choose to opt out of receiving printed certificates, however, final awards still need to be finalised in the PSC Tracker. 
  • Schools who have completed early submissions (before 31.10.22) will receive their certificates in Week 7.
  • Schools who have completed late submissions (after 31.10.22) will not receive their certificates until Week 9.

Race Around Australia data cut-off date - 18.10.22

Race Around Australia (RAA) has finished for 2022. All schools and corporate teams are required to finalise their participation data (RAA kms) in the RAA website by Tuesday 18 October 2022. 

See all PSC key dates.


With the addition of Race Around Australia (RAA) to the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge suite of programs, there are important changes that PSC Facilitators and schools should be aware of.

PSC Facilitators are responsible for registering their school for the PSC Challenge - 10 week Challenge (10wC) and/or Race Around Australia (RAA) via the PSC Tracker*. Principals and facilitators are able to login using their current DoE staff portal details.  

Need help with registration?

View our PSC Facilitator toolkit PowerPoint presentation (PPT 11.1MB) . This replaces the PSC Facilitator guide and offers a comprehensive and highly visual guide for new and existing Facilitators.

Watch the recording of the PSC Facilitators webinar from 28.3.22 which runs through some challenge information and talks through the above toolkit presentation. 

Watch the recording of the 'How to run the 10wC' webinar from 12.5.22 which runs through how to track and record activity as well as activity ideas for schools to consider.

2022 PSC Tracker registration updates:

All schools will now complete a new "PSC student recognition" registration step which includes PSC Student Medals and PSC Student Ambassadors.   

  • PSC Student Medals will be dispatched as part of the PSC starter kit. From ongoing feedback, we are providing schools with the opportunity to request an additional medal for presentation to another student. Make sure you store it in a safe place and send yourself a calendar reminder for Term 4 of where you have put it. 
  • PSC Student Ambassadors support the running of sport and physical activity initiatives in their school so students can be ‘more active, more often’. Many schools use these Ambassadors to assist with the administration of running either or both the 10wC or RAA. For ambassadors helping in 10wC, an option to give them admin access to the e-wall charts will be provided. Facilitators will create an easy to remember login password for all Ambassadors replacing the individual student ambassador codes. 
  • CSV file upload improvements to participants names. The PSC Tracker now better identifies participant name errors that may occur with CSV upload.  
  • Activ8 your Workplace - RAA staff challengeOn the “Challenge options” registration section, schools are able to opt in for the RAA staff challenge, as part of Activ8 your Workplace. The initiative was launched last year for corporate staff and is now open to all school staff. Keep an eye on the webpage for updates next term.

Need to update your school's PSC Facilitator details for 2022?
Did you know that any current Principal or PSC Facilitator can update Facilitator's details in the PSC Tracker*? If they are unable to do this, or you wish to to be removed from our PSC Facilitator database please complete the 2022 PSC Facilitator form or email

PSC school registration process summary

Confirm registration of school participation via the PSC Tracker*.

  • Confirm school details.
  • Select challenge participation - which challenge/s the school wishes to take part in - 10 week Challenge and/or RAA; student and/or staff challenges for each.
  • Add PSC Facilitator details (if not already in the system).
  • Upload student names/year/team (using CSV file format or manual entry).
  • Select which challenge individual student teams will take part in - 10 week Challenge and/or RAA.
  • Select whether 10wC teams wish to use printed log books.
  • Nominate any teams as SSP (support) classes - these will receive SSP logbooks.
  • Add staff 10wC participant names (where necessary) - staff names are not required if a school is only taking part in the RAA staff challenge.
  • Create an 'Organisation login' username and password.
  • Add PSC Student Ambassadors (where necessary).
  • Indicate the number of PSC medals required (NEW)
  • Confirm all relevant information is uploaded/included and finalise registration.

Facilitators are strongly encouraged to start the conversation with staff (and students) about what PSC Challenge options they wish to participate in this year as well as other pre-registration considerations (outlined below).

What do I need to know to be able to register my school?

Who are the PSC Facilitators overseeing the challenge administration? 

Schools need to allocate a facilitator to each challenge they register for. The main roles are: 

  • 10 week Challenge (10wC) Facilitator - oversees the 10wC teams within the school
  • Race Around Australia (RAA) Coordinator - oversees the RAA teams within the school

Additional 10wC Facilitators and RAA Coordinators may be allocated to your school as necessary to help administer the challenge. These additional facilitators can assist with the submission of weekly data and final award submission in the PSC Tracker. 

Please note: Principals can also log in and perform all PSC facilitator duties.

What challenge options will my school's teams take part in?

Individual teams can may choose different challenges. Thus, PSC Facilitators should know in advance which teams (classes) are doing which challenge/s.  

  • 10wC can be completed any time during Terms 2 and 3.
  • RAA is only taking place in Term 3.
  • Teams can do both challenges - 10wC in Term 2 and RAA in Term 3.

Do your teams wish to use 10wC printed logbooks?

Schools who have selected 10wC for any teams need to choose where they wish to receive printed logbooks (these are distributed to schools). 

Options for 10wC teams/participants to track their activity include:

  • online 10wC activity tracker (previously known as the PSC Tracker web app) - participants are given a team code and individual pin to log in and add all activity they take part in during the 10 weeks. This information syncs to their team's e-Wall chart. 
  • printed logbooks
  • digital logbook (downloaded and shared with participants).

Will you have Specialist Support Program (SSP) teams?

We encourage SSP schools and classes to take part in the challenge. We have created a 'simplified' SSP logbook for 10wCparticipants. Identifying your SSP teams provides the PSC with important data and informs dispatch of 10wC SSP logbooks. Schools can however request or print their own 3-6 or 7-12 logbooks if their students wish to complete the full activity logging.

Are your staff taking part in the staff challenge?

Staff have the choice or being part of two teams in this years PSC challenge. Schools (and corporate office teams) can add teams in the: 

  • 10wC staff challenge (they can track activity using the online 10wC activity tracker or request to have printed staff logbooks sent to them) and/or
  • RAA staff (Activ8 your Workplace) challenge where they compete against other staff teams across schools and corporate offices. 

Please note for RAA:

- teachers can participate with individual class teams (but will be 'noted' as a student).

Have you downloaded your CSV file?

The registration process involves schools adding student participants into the PSC Tracker. For most schools the upload of a CSV file of all student participants is the easiest option. Manual entry of participants is an alternative option for smaller schools. Please follow the instructions for downloading a CSV file from ERN (PDF 222KB)and uploading a CSV file into PSC Tracker (PDF 416KB).

This participation data informs the PSC participation grant amount allocated to your school. 

Are you using any PSC Student Ambassadors? 

Schools can nominate PSC Student Ambassadors to assist with running the PSC challenges and who assist with other physical opportunities within the school. This provides schools the opportunity to acknowledge the leadership skills that these students display through their support of physical activity programs.

Other helpful resources

PSC Facilitators may get assistance from their school Principal or office staff with some aspects of the registration process e.g. CSV file. 

The PSC team are currently updating PSC resources for 2022. These will be available soon to offer support to teachers running the 10wC and RAA challenge in their school. 

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