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Resources and support for physical activity in schools

The NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge's aim is to promote increased participation in sport and physical activity, leading to healthier, more active lifestyles. Our motto is to get 'more students and staff more active, more often'. Teachers can access a range of resources to support not only the delivery of PSC programs in their school, but any activity-focused initiative they deliver to their students and staff. 

Many of program areas within the School Sport Unit have a 'participation' focus, and as always upskilling staff or providing them with resources is highly valued.

Below are a number of links to pages within the PSC as well as other SSU program areas with the focus on getting 'more students and staff more active, more often'.

Premier's Sporting Challenge

Find resources specific to PSC initiatives.

- Registration/pre-challenge organisation

- Recording the 10wC

- Mid-challenge certificates

- Concluding the 10wC

- 10wC@Home

- Registration/pre-challenge organisation

- Administering RAA

- RAA workout/activity resources

Teacher resource hub

The Teacher resource hub contains a wide range of sport and physical activity resources and professional learning to support educators in planning and implementing quality sport and physical activity lessons to meet the requirements of the Sport and Physical Activity Policy. Within the Teacher resource hub you will find resources targeted to the following areas:

  • Sport and physical activity resources
  • School sport and physical activity
  • Embedding physical activity across the school day
  • Improving wellbeing through sport and physical activity - School Health Check
  • School carnivals

TPL opportunities provided by the SSU

Policy and guidelines

Teachers and school leaders can find requirements and guidelines for implementing safe sport and physical activities in NSW public schools. Within the policy and guideline section of our website you will find resources targeted to the following areas:

  • Sport and physical activity policy
  • Sport safety guidelines
  • Policy advice and support
  • Sample whole school physical activity timetables
  • Awareness presentation for sport safety guidelines
  • Health and Safety (DoE intranet page)

School swimming and water safety

Teachers and parents/carers can find information on school swimming and water safety programs and learning resources.

Disability and inclusion

Opportunities for students with disabilities to get involved in sports are available at various levels throughout the school sport structure, from participation to elite.

Representative school sport

Parents, teachers, and students can browse Schools Sports Associations to find representative sport events and results for students aged 8 to 19 years old.