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Roles and responsibilities for RAA

RAA FAQ's - Look through our FAQ page to see if they answer any of your questions. Can't find the answer to your question on our web pages or in the FAQ's? Send it through to us -  

RAA Coordinators

RAA Coordinators complete the main administration tasks for the school/office such as:

  • complete the school/office team PSC registration* in the PSC Tracker (for RAA and/or 10wC)
  • promote RAA across the school/corporate office
  • upload school emblem into RAA website
  • receive and pass on relevant information to RAA team managers (teachers) such as the RAA guidelines 
  • add and invite RAA team managers to the RAA site so they can manage their team
  • encourage your RAA teachers to watch the PSC RAA Launch video at the start of your challenge 
  • Term 3 - submit school for certificate printing - confirm all data is entered correctly 

RAA Coordinators have access to all teams within a school/office. They can see high level data on the schools participation and also help class teachers to manage their class teams.

* Note: registration for RAA occurs initially through the PSC Tracker as part of the registration for the PSC (10 week Challenge and/or Race Around Australia). Once registration has been completed in the PSC Tracker schools can commence the management of their class teams within the RAA website.
When a PSC Facilitator (Principal, 10wC Facilitator, or RAA Coordinator) registers the school/office team for RAA, they can also add other RAA Coordinators. Schools and office teams can allocate more than one RAA Coordinator and make changes to these coordinators as needed.

Team managers (teachers) 

Team managers complete the main administration tasks for their class team such as:

Pre challenge

  • promote the team/class to the challenge (videos or powerpoint)
  • once their school/organisation is registered in the PSC Tracker team managers/teachers can create their account in the RAA website
  • create their class/team in the RAA website and upload a team/class avatar
  • share the team/class code for students/staff to join (create their own account) or enter student/staff names to populate your team/class.

During challenge

  • show your class the PSC RAA Launch video at the start of your challenge 
  • encourage activity - get your students ‘moving more often’
  • provide a range of fun physical activity opportunities for students to engage in (see our resources for examples)
  • familiarise themselves and their students with the RAA guidelines 
  • enter distances (RAA kms) - team managers can manually enter RAA kms for students
  • verify RAA kms that have been entered by students (when they log in through their account)
  • watch your team/class move around the map - you can also view the team participant and school map layers
  • engage in the curriculum resources (milestones) available to students
  • don’t forget you can participate too! Staff can be part of their class team to help motivate their students as well as part of a staff team, either within their school (racing against student teams, or within the staff challenge (racing against other staff teams)
  • download and print the RAA mid-challenge certificates to give to your students/staff

Post challenge

  • finalise distances raced for each individual
  • confirm information for end of challenge certificate - distances traveled and correct participant names - classes can opt in or out of receiving end of challenge certificates.

Student participants

  • can create their participant account - verify email (CHECK SPAM FOLDER), link to their class code, ans choose an avatar (this is not essential to the race but allows participants to view an individual dashboard and see personal milestones and badges earned
  • engage in a range of varied physical activity within their class time (in the RAA schools challenge activity is only counted that has been done with with their class and is verified with by their teacher)
  • students with their own accounts can record their distances in the RAA website for their teacher to verify (if no account is created the teacher logs the distances under their account)
  • engage with curriculum content through milestones 
  • encourage others to be active.