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The NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge medal gives schools an opportunity to acknowledge student commitment and contribution to sport and physical activity programs.



The medal is intended to acknowledge students from NSW Public Schools for their outstanding:

  • commitment to fair play
  • effort and improved performance in a sporting context 
  • contribution to the school’s weekly sport and physical activity programs.


The student/s most deserving of the PSC Student Medal always tries their very best, encourages other students and always seeks to wholeheartedly participate in school sport and/or physical activity programs.

It is not meant to replace existing school sport awards but rather, recognise a student who enthusiastically joins in games and sporting events, always tries their best, offers encouragement to others or takes on responsibility for physical activity programs in the school.

The PSC medal is not directly affiliated with the PSC challenges. Any student at the school can receive this medal, regardless of the school's participation in the 10 week Challenge or Race Around Australia. 

How many PSC Student Medals do schools receive?

Schools are given the opportunity to request an additional PSC Student Medal to award to students (as part of their PSC registration).

  • Primary and Secondary schools can request one or two medals.
  • SSP, Central and Community schools can request two to four medals for primary and secondary students.

A PSC Student Medal certificate (PDF 86KB) is available for schools to download and print to accompany the medal presentation and/or for display in a student's folder. 

Dispatch of PSC Student Medals

In 2023, PSC Student Medals will be dispatched to schools late Term 3. They will be addressed to the main PSC Facilitator. Please pass them onto the appropriate colleague to  store safely until required for your school's presentation. A email will be sent to schools to let them know when they will be received.

If you require your PSC Student Medals for presentation in Term 3 please email the PSC team  and your medal/s can be sent out earlier in Term 3 to allow time for engraving etc.

Please contact the PSC team as soon as possible if you believe you have not received your PSC medal/s. Replacement medals will be available as long as stock lasts. 

Please share photos of your PSC Student Medal award recipients, either by email at or tag the  NSW School Sport Unit Facebook page.