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NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge

To promote increased participation in sport and physical activity, leading to healthier, more active lifestyles, the Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC) is a multi-faceted program offering a range of initiatives to students and teachers across the state.

The PSC aims to get more students and staff more active, more often.

PSC registrations for 2022 are closed.

Registrations for PSC challenges (10 week Challenge and Race Around Australia) are now closed.

See all PSC key dates.


PSC Facilitators

If you need to update your facilitator details, current Principals or PSC Facilitators can do this through the PSC tracker. If unable to do this, or you wish to to be removed from our PSC Facilitator database please complete the 2022 PSC Facilitator form or email

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Main Contacts

14-22 Loftus Street
Turella NSW 2205

02 9508 5522

Sport and Physical Activity Coordinator
02 9508 5528

PSC Advisor
02 9508 5540

PSC Partnerships Officer
02 9508 5525

PSC Administration Officer
02 9508 5522