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Premier's Sporting Challenge - virtual launch

Looking for 2023 videos? Go to the 10wC launch page.

Launching the Challenge in your school

The aim of the Premier’s Sporting Challenge is to promote the benefits of physical activity and to get more students and staff more active, more often. To build excitement and to emphasise the importance of being active, why not start the challenge with a school based launch. The launch videos below will help to get things started in your school, click the links for some more suggestions on how to facilitate the 10 week Challenge (81KB) in your school.

It is up to each school how they wish to run their launch.

  • Whole school approach –present the launch video in the school hall for all students to view or in each classroom commencing at the same time.   
  • Whole day launch –present the launch video to students and follow this up with activities during the day that will contribute to their physical activity minutes. 

Primary 10wC launch video 

Video coming soon


Secondary 10wC launch video (5 minutes)