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Race Around Australia

Race Around Australia (RAA) is a virtual physical activity challenge where schools, teams and participants race alongside each other around the coast of Australia.

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Race Around Australia data cut-off date - 18.10.22

Race Around Australia (RAA) has finished for 2022. All schools and corporate teams are required to finalise their participation data (RAA kms) in the RAA website by Tuesday 18 October 2022. 

(See all PSC key dates.)

Need to update your school's RAA Coordinator details?

Did you know that any current Principal or PSC Facilitator can update Facilitator's details (RAA Coordinators) in the PSC Tracker*? If they are unable to do this, or you wish to to be removed from our PSC Facilitator database please email

RAA FAQ's - Look at our FAQ page to see if they answer any of your questions.
Can't find the answer to your question on our web pages or in the FAQ's? Send it through to us -  

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