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Race Around Australia

Race Around Australia (RAA) is a virtual physical activity challenge where teams and schools race alongside each other around Australia.


Race Around Australia 

RAA has been added to the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge as part of the suite of programs available to DoE schools and corporate staff to motivate more students and staff to be 'more active, more often'. The challenge will be available to schools and corporate teams to run in Term 2 2021. Schools and corporate teams may choose to run RAA as an alternate to the 10 week Challenge (10wC), but teams can complete  RAA in Term 2 and the 10wC in Term 3. Schools can select for which class teams wish to complete RAA or the 10wC.

Show your class the PSC RAA Launch video at the start of your challenge

RAA FAQ's - Look at our FAQ page to see if they answer any of your questions. Can't find the answer to your question on our web pages or in the FAQ's - send it through to us -  

Need to add RAA Coordinators to your school for 2021?
Registered PSC Facilitators and Principals can add new RAA Coordinators to the school's PSC Facilitator's details in the PSC Tracker?
If they are unable to do this, or for assistance please email