RAA links the curriculum areas of PDHPE, science, history and geography in an innovative way. When a teacher creates their team they select the appropriate student stage. This ensures that the education content that students ‘unlock’ along the way is stage appropriate.

As students race (add RAA kilometres) they unlock milestones upon reaching certain towns which creatively link NSW syllabus content to towns, landmarks and cultural experiences. For example, when a students class reaches Port Macquarie, famous for its Ironman Triathlon, students learn about different components of fitness or how to accurately measure their heart rate during exercise (PDHPE curriculum). When the class reaches Grafton, the focus is on the Jacaranda Festival and how the flowers get their colour (science curriculum). 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Perspectives

Students ‘unlock’ an acknowledgement of country each time they pass through a new Aboriginal country. There are 92 countries along the journey and students can read about the geographical borders of each country. Students can also ‘unlock’ Aboriginal Dreamtime stories along their journey which can be used to link to creative arts and literacy activities. 

How can you teach your curriculum through RAA?

The Primary schools Race Around Australia promotional video shows a range of examples of how teachers have embedded RAA learning experiences into their school day.