This year schools and corporate office teams have two PSC challenge options - the 10 week Challenge (10wC) and Race Around Australia (RAA). 

Schools and office teams wishing to take part in RAA require their school principal and/or PSC Facilitators to confirm their school/team's participation in the NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge in Term 1.

Need to add RAA Coordinators to your school/office team for 2021?
Registered PSC Facilitators and Principals can add new RAA Coordinators to the school/office team's PSC Facilitator's details in the PSC Tracker?
If they are unable to do this, or for assistance please email

Step 1 - Register your school/organisation in the Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC)

In order to take part in RAA organisations must first register their schools/corporate teams for the PSC challenge in the PSC Tracker. This is completed by any PSC Facilitator registered in the PSC Tracker (RAA Coordinator, 10wC Facilitator and/or Principal), Within this registration process RAA is chosen as a challenge option (for students/and or staff), and a student list is upload (for participation grant purposes).

  • If a different teacher (to the PSC Facilitator identified in the PSC Tracker) wishes to be a RAA coordinator their details can be added during this registration process. This can also be done at any at time after registration. Schools can have multiple RAA Coordinators who can all oversee the administrative role for the whole school, or for allocated stage groups.
  • Class teams and student names who are participating in either RAA or 10wC are uploaded into the PSC Tracker using a CSV file or manual entry, and the choice of challenge for each team is chosen at this time. RAA staff participants are not added to the PSC Tracker - this will be done directly within the RAA web app. This student data is used to calculate the PSC participation grant.

Detailed PSC registration instructions

Full registration details are explained on the How to register for the PSC challenge/s page including a list of important pre-registration details that are needed from schools - after consulting with staff and students

Step 2 - Create your team in the Race Around Australia web app

Once  a school/organisation is registered with the PSC, teacher/team managers can create an account and create a class/team in the RAA website.

It is hopeful teachers/team managers will be able to access the RAA website before the end of term to start to create their classes/teams.

A teacher/team manager:

  • Creates an teacher/team manager account in the RAA website
  • Creates a class/team - team name and team avatar (this links to their school/organisation). A team code is generated which can be passed onto participants to register with their team (if they are going to create an account and log their own distances).

Multiple teachers/team managers can manage a class/team. They can join a team as a teacher/team manager using the team code.

A 'How to' register and create a class video can be found on the RAA support and resources page.

Choose either step 3a or 3b.

Step 3a - Add class/team participants

If a teacher/team manager does not want participants to create own account and log their own distances they will need to perform this administration for them. This can be an quick process where distances can be easily allocated to all/selected participants.

A teacher/team manager will manually add student names into the RAA website(and will log the distances for these participants during the race). These participants will not have access to a individual dashboard or see personalised achievement badges.

A 'How to' manually add students and distances video can be found on the RAA support and resources page.


Step 3b - Share the team codes with participants (optional)

Students/staff participants will have access to the RAA website at the start of the term/challenge to create accounts (where appropriate).

All participants (staff and students ) can create a RAA participant account in the RAA website. Participants can manage (or assist the teacher/team manager) their distances (entries) and see a individual map layer and personalised dashboard.

This is not compulsory and is up to the teacher/participants and how they wish to manage the logging of the RAA km distances administrations. If participant accounts are not created then the teacher/team manager will add the distances for these participants. 

A participant:

  • Creates an participant account in the RAA web app  and chooses an avatar. 
  • Joins a class with the team code given to them by their teacher/team manager.

A 'Registering and joining a class' video can be found on the RAA support and resources page for: