Commencing the challenge

PSC 10 week Challenge Facilitator Guide (PDF 980KB)

How to download CSV File from ERN (PDF 395.93KB)

How to upload CSV File to PSC Tracker (PDF 249.61KB)

PSC Philosophy Statement (PDF 353KB)  

Sample note to parents (DOCX 119KB)

Using PSC Student Ambassadors in the primary 10 week sporting challenge (PDF 752KB)


Recording the challenge

Due to students Learning from home we have created printable and digital/editable logbooks and wall charts. Schools can choose how they wish to run their challenge and how their students may access these. 


K-2 Logbook (PDF 1479KB)

3-6 Logbook (PDF 1699KB)

7-12 Logbook (PDF 1062KB)

Staff Logbook (PDF 739KB)

Wall Chart 

Staff Wall Chart 



3-6 Logbook - editable (PDF 1660KB)

7-12 Logbook - editable (PDF 1162KB)

Staff Logbook - editable (PDF 793KB)

Wall Chart 

Staff Wall Chart 



How to use the eWall Chart for primary challenge (PDF 639.26KB)

How to use the eWall chart for secondary challenge (PDF 752.31KB)

How to use the eWall chart for staff challenge (PDF 617.88KB)

How to use the PSC App (PDF 485.54KB)


Challenge awards

Primary Encouragement Award Certificate - Coming soon.

Primary Achievement Award Certificate - Coming soon.

Encouragement Award Certificate - Coming soon,

Achievement Award Certificate - Coming soon. 


Concluding the challenge

How to submit data for certificate printing (PDF 528KB)


Integrating the challenge into Key Learning Areas

Classroom Energisers (PDF 63.67KB) 

K-6 Class Running Challenge (PDF 150.90KB)

Pedometer Integrated Learning Opportunities (PDF 521.87KB)



Benefits of physical activity (PDF 1230.40)





Measurement and geometry 

Year 6 Angle Shot (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Direction Grid (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Make the Shape (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Pacing Pedometer (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Race against the Stopwatch (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Runs: Split Laps (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Shuttle Doubles (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Time is Ticking (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Who is Right? (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 What is your distance in the Multi Stage Fitness test? (DOCX 324KB)


Number and algebra

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw 2 (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Bullrush Maths (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Captain Ball (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Can you make the new equation? (DOCX 329KB) 

Year 6 Dice Croquet 2 (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Dodging Digits (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Decimal Ladders (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Empty Number Line (DOCX 339KB) 

Year 6 Find-a-fraction (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Fraction Identifier(DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Get the Gold Nugget (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 How many jumps? (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 How many points can you score? (DOCX 330KB)

Year 6 Knock Out (Number) (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Metronome (DOCX 324KB)

 Year 6 Make that Number (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Operations Tosser (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Patterns in Ladder (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Place Value Race (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Run or Die (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Tables Launch Pad (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 True or False? (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Times Table Bing (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Times Table Ladders DOCX 323KB)

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active? (PPT 801KB)


Statistics and probability

Year 6 Bean Bag Throw (DOCX 324KB)

Year 6 Heads 'n Tails (DOCX 324KB) 

Year 6 Who wants to be smart and active with chance? (PPT 801 KB)

Year 6 How did your team score? (DOCX 324KB) 









The Department of Education - NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge, in collaboration with Sydney Markets - Fresh for Kids have developed the Eat the Rainbow educational resource. These have been aligned to the NSW PDHPE Syllabus K-6. 

These include:

Fruit and Veggie Gang video picture

For more information on other educational resources available to school please visit the Fresh for Kids website