Race Around Australia (RAA) is a virtual physical activity challenge where teams and schools race each other around the coast of Australia.

Student participants complete short bursts of physical activity across the school day. This could be five minutes of running or walking a set course. Staff participants can complete a range of physical activity options across the whole week which are then converted to RAA kms. Participants, or the coordinating teacher, log this distance into the RAA website. This distance is then displayed on a map tracking participants (student/staff), teams and the whole school as a larger team, racing a set course around Australia.

When students reach certain locations, they unlock content blogs about that place. Currently this content is aligned with Science, Geography, History and PDHPE curriculum. Participants can also earn personal achievement badges and share their distances with their friends to keep them motivated.

Race Around Australia promotional video - Primary 

Physical activity options

RAA was created as a tool to provide students more opportunities to be ‘more active, more often’. RAA has been designed to encourage all students to participate in regular physical activity across the school day by incorporating short bouts of moderate to high intensity in the ‘classroom’. The program actively encourages all teachers to value and implement physical activity as a learning experience and demonstrates how teachers can align movement opportunities with the curriculum. 

RAA kms - how activity is tracked

This can be done in three main ways.

  • Distance activities - 1 km ran or walked is 1 RAA km. 
  • Timed activities - a general rule is that 5 minutes of (moderate) activity = 1 RAAkm
  • Prescribed activities -  these are resources that have been provided by the PSC and have a set RAA km value.

Although we are 'racing around Australia’, the most important aspect of RAA is that it is a team challenge where students benefit from working together as a team to achieve a goal (travelling further around the coast of Australia), and doing their best to be ‘more active more often’. Schools and office teams can choose to ‘view the challenge’’ on varying levels by using the map layers and dashboards.

  • Individual level - aim to do more activity each week or maintain high levels of activity by viewing an individuals dashboard.
  • Class/team level - with team participants racing each other within their team/class group .
  • School level- with teams/classes racing each other within the school.
  • DoE - with schools racing each other within the department. At this level it is important to understand that schools are all different sizes, and participation in RAA is the choice of each school team, so it may be hard to know which schools are of similar size. 

RAA school activity guidelines

We have created some RAA guidelines that schools should be familiar with regarding active participation in RAA. Please remember that this is a challenge, not a competition, and the outcome is to be ‘more active, more often’. Emphasis should be placed on encouraging regular participation as part of the school day.

RAA activity is tracked differently to 10wC activity. In RAA, activity can only be recorded if it has been done with the class teacher/team manager as part of the lesson. Activity done without the teacher supervision is not included in RAA. This may include activity before or after school, at recess or lunch. Activity done at home/outside of school is not included.

It is important for our student health and wellbeing that they are able to participate in a range of physical activity opportunities that are fun and enjoyable. Our purposefully designed physical activity resource pack includes safe activity options that have been developed in collaboration with The University of Newcastle. This range of activities ensures student safety and a range of choices for students. We are continually adding to this physical activity resource pack so keep checking back to see what new resources are available.