To support schools while students learn from home the School Sport Unit have a range of resources to support schools to engage their students in physical activity. We encourage schools to continue to engage students in physical activity options, not only for curriculum areas like PDHPE and sport, but also for general health and wellbeing, especially at this time. 

10 week Challenge@Home

The 10 week Challenge (10wC) resources can be a powerful tool to assist schools in monitoring the activity of their students for the period of time they are learning from home. Whilst the 10wC challenge period is run during Terms 2 and 3, the resources can be used any time of the year to assist teachers in tracking student physical activity. Activity for the 10wC can be tracked on an online web app, on a digital/editable logbook, or on a printed logbook. Read more on our 10 week Challenge@Home page.

Physical activity resources



Target audience: Primary, but can be adapted to stage 4

The GetActive@Home resources are available to support teachers and parents/carers in keeping students active at home. There are 17 GetActive@Home episodes and resources to engage students in K-6, linked to the NSW PDHPE K-10 syllabus,

See the stage specific GetActive@Home weekly learning sequences PowerPoints, created for teachers to use in their @home programs.  

Thinking while Moving


Target audience: Primary, but can be adapted to stage 4

Access resources for 'Thinking while moving in English' and 'Thinking while moving in Maths' to support students to remain active whilst learning at home whilst engaging in Maths and English curriculum.

These Thinking while Moving resources are targeted at Stage 1, 2 and 3 (K-6) but can be used and adapted for early high school years. 

Activity Challenge cards


Target audience: Varies across K-10

Access 30 activity challenge cards to support students to remain active whilst learning at home. These resources include a range of games and activities based on the Sport Australia Play for Life Cards.

RAA activity resources


Target audience: K-10

A number of RAA activity cards have been developed for Race Around Australia and are suitable for school children of all ages. No equipment necessary. Use in conjunction with the Fitness technique cards below. 

PSC Fitness technique cards



Target audience: K-10

Use the PSC L2L Fitness technique cards to engage students in some short HITT workouts at home. No equipment necessary. Mix and match or have students create their own workouts. 



Last updated: 19 July 2021