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Representative school sport

Parents, teachers, and students can browse Schools Sports Associations to find representative sport events and results for students aged 8 to 19 years old.

Sport associations

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Consideration for selection

Students who are unable to participate in Association trials due to following Public Health Orders related to COVID-19, may request consideration for selection. An application for consideration must be submitted to the Association Executive Officer and Sport Convener prior to the trial. Only applicants who demonstrate recent high level sport-specific playing experience and performances in their application will be considered. Submission of an application does not guarantee selection in an Association team to compete at a NSWPSSA or NSWCHSSA trial or championship. Contact the Association Executive Officer for more information.

Planning considerations for school swimming carnivals

When planning your school swimming carnival, the following factors should be considered when applying a layered approach to mitigating risk and writing your risk management plans. A review of the department's COVID-19 School Operations Support and Health and Safety Risk Management Framework is essential when planning your event.

Venue planning
  • contact the pool operator to ascertain what venue-specific COVID Safety measures may already be in place
  • consider the size of the venue and whether the number of spectators should be limited
  • if spectators are allowed, they will need to gather in a separate area to students and teachers
  • consider a competitors only carnival
  • Ensure that any indoor areas can be adequately ventilated.
Student cohort groups
  • students will need designated areas for each cohort to sit whilst not competing
  • Cohort groups need to be organised regarding class/age groups. House groups do not meet the requirements for organising student cohorts.
Change room facilities
  • request that students arrive at the pool as ready to compete as possible to limit the use of change room areas
  • Where change rooms are required, stagger the use to limit numbers and mingling.
  • request that where possible, students bring their own food to limit mingling around food service areas
  • Request contactless payment where possible.
Mask wearing
  • Whether indoors or outdoors, the area around and beyond the pool deck is likely to be limited and mask wearing recommendations should be applied. Indoor areas: secondary students (mandatory), primary students (strongly recommended). Mask wearing around outdoor areas at swimming carnivals is strongly encouraged where physical distancing is an issue.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Ensure that any hygiene and cleaning requirements can be met by the venue operator and the school eg. hand sanitisation, cleaning of high touch areas.

Record keeping

  • maintain accurate records of student and staff attendance at the event
  • If a QR code is already present at the venue, adults will be required to sign in.

School Sport Unit Livestreaming

The NSW Department of Education is committed to providing the highest equity of access to opportunities for all school community members across the state. To explicitly connect school communities to their students competing in the Representative School Sport Pathway, the School Sport Unit  will identify a range of State Championship events to be livestreamed across each year. The events scheduled for livestreaming will be promoted across the School Sport Unit website, as well as the School Sport Unit and Association Facebook pages. All events will be livestreamed through the School Sport Unit YouTube channel.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's - gives instructions on most areas and how to improve your experience.

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