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Sport safety guidelines


Requirements for all sport and physical activity

The Sport safety guidelines is the related implementation document for the Sport and Physical Activity Policy. It is in place to assist schools in developing appropriate risk assessments for sport and physical activity. 

Mandatory reading - It is a requirement that the information contained in the Requirement for all sport and physical activity (PDF 466KB) be addressed when considering the sport and physical activities being offered in school programs. This document also contains the list of banned activities.

This document provides information on:

  • duty of care, child protection, supervision, staff to student ratios
  • banned activities, risk management, safe use of equipment
  • coaching competencies, external providers
  • infection control, injury management, and further health considerations, medical insurance
  • weather and playing conditions.

The Sport safety guidelines contain specific information across a wide range of sport and physical activities. Schools wishing to offer activities NOT addressed in the Sport safety guidelines (and not a banned activity - list can be found in the Requirements for all sport and physical activity document) will need to use the Principal Endorsed Activity (STAFF ONLY) risk assessment tool that is managed by the Department of Education, Health and Safety Unit.

Specific sport and physical activity guidelines

Essential information for planning an activity where students are physically active. This may include a weekly sport or PE program, an excursion or a school camp adventure activity. Included are specific support materials for teacher qualifications, available courses and safety advice.

Risk management and consent

Essential information to support the development of consent and risk management procedures where sport and physical activities are planned, including, sample consent templates for weekly sport, interschool sport and zone sport.

Additional support material

Essential information to support the development of risk management procedures and specific information relevant to sport and physical activity in the education setting, including concussion and asthma management.