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Modified Rugby

There is no additional training/accreditation required for activities where:

  • Rugby skills are developed through modified activities and games
  • typically participated in as a non-competitive school sport program
  • there is no tackling (touching/tagging is allowed)
  • they are non-contact modification of Rugby i.e. Touch 7s
Modified Rugby teaching resources: 

Rugby and Rugby 7s

There is mandatory professional learning, accreditation and recommended professional learning for activities that:

  • involve tackling  
  • played competitively following the rules of the game. As part of either:  
    • an interschool event, or 
    • the Representative School Sport Pathway. 

The following courses are available for teachers to obtain the required accreditation and complete the required professional learning:

Additional professional learning/accreditation in the delivery of Rugby is recommended. Courses found in the below link are available for teachers to obtain recommended qualifications: :  

Rugby Coaching resources


Sport safety guidelines

When teaching or coaching Rugby, schools must adhere to the below Sport and Physical Activity Policy implementation documents: