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Sport education teaching resource

The resource

The Sport Education teaching resource was developed by staff at the NSW School Sport Unit and released in 2022 to assist schools in delivering quality sport programs.
It is a collection of units of work designed to support the delivery of a quality weekly school sport program for a number of sports.  Each sport specific unit runs for 5-weeks and culminates in a gala-day.

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The Sport education teaching resource has been created to support schools in providing 150 minutes of planned moderate to vigorous physical activity per week for all years, K-10 as stated by the Sport and Physical Activity Policy. The 150 minutes must include a minimum of 60 minutes of sport per week for Years 3 - 6. (Implementation document for Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 policy)

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The Sport education teaching resource can be adapted to meet the organisational needs of the school.

School's can implement the units (sports) in any order they choose. You may choose to align your School sport program to be the same as the Zone PSSA sports each term. You can also have a number of sport units running at the one time to ensure there is enough equipment available. For example, one group of students may participate in Netball, while at the same time a group is participating in Football and another in Australian Rules Football. Other schools may have all students participating in the same sport.

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