Registrations for participation in School Swimming and Water Safety programs are now open for the 2021-2022 season.

Schools can choose between the new 5 day water safety program, the 10 day program or a blend of the two for different year groups.

The newly developed 5 day program focuses on water safety and introduces the use of life jackets, a “clothing day” and other essential water safety skills. This new program can be extended to all primary Year 2 and above regardless of prior swimming ability.

The registration system has been upgraded to meet the changing programs and facilitate more detailed preferences for schools. A guide on using the new system is available via the link below - it is recommended you read this guide and have it available during the registration process to assist with your application.

School water safety program registration guide

It is recommended Google Chrome is used as your internet browser during the registration process. Please use the 4 digit school identification code to commence the registration process.

Use this link to start a new registration: 
School swimming and water safety program registration (new)

Use this link to complete or modify a registration in progress:
School swimming and water safety program registration (complete/modify)

Schools will be notified early Term 2 of funding allocation or program attendance details.