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Teacher resource hub

The Teacher resource hub contains a wide range of sport and physical activity resources and professional learning to support educators to meet the requirements of the Sport and Physical Activity Policy. 

There is a wealth of evidence that shows regular physical activity throughout the school day has a positive impact on a student's physical, social, emotional and cognitive health. 


Teaching and learning resources

A suite of resources to support schools use all opportunities for students to be physically active, provide students with a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity across the school week, and to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence of students to be physically active for a lifetime. 

Sport education teaching resource

A collection of units of work have been designed to support the delivery of  a quality weekly school sport program for a number of sports.  Each sport specific unit runs for 5-weeks and culminates in a gala-day.

Specific sport support

Accreditation courses and resources to support the delivery of specific sports and activities included in the school sport pathway.
E.g. Athletics officiating, Rugby League coaching accreditation, Swim teacher accreditation and perform basic water rescue accreditation.

School sport carnivals

Resources to support schools in running a successful school sport carnival. Includes School Sport Unit Meet Manager swimming and Meet Manager track and field online learning courses.

Professional learning

Online and face-to-face professional learning opportunities to support schools in delivering quality sport and physical activity to students.

Sport and physical activity school health check

Information, resources and support on implementing a strategic whole-school approach to improve student wellbeing through sport and physical activity.

Request support

Use the relevant Microsoft Form to request support from the School Sport Unit.