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Teaching and learning resources


Sport education teaching resource

A collection of units of work to support the delivery of  a quality weekly school sport program for a number of sports.  Each sport specific unit runs for 5-weeks and culminates in a gala-day.

Thinking while Moving (TwM)

'Thinking while Moving in English' and 'Thinking while Moving in mathematics' resources have been created to support students to be active whilst learning in curriculum areas.

10@10 classroom energisers

Classroom energisers are short bursts of physical activities that cause students to 'huff and puff' for 5 to 10 minutes. 10@10 HIIT Workouts can be easily implemented into daily school routines.

Burn2Learn (B2L) teaching resource

The Burn 2 Learn program uses high intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve students' health and fitness. Students will engage in 2-3 exercise sessions each week over a school term. 

Fast start sport and physical activity cards

Fast start sport and phyiscal activity cards support teachers to provide students with an opportunity to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity within the first few minutes of a lesson.

Physical activity across the school day teaching resource

Supports teachers in embedding physical activity into their teaching and learning program. It contains 10 weekly teaching and learning sequences with 3 structured physically active tasks each day

Swimming and water safety

A range of swimming and water safety resources called 'Let's be water safe!' for Stages 1, 2, and 3 that include units of learning, animations and ready to print resources to support teachers. 

Playing for life cards

Developed by the Australian Sports Commission to support a game-based approach to teaching sport and physical activity where students learn and develop skills through minor and modified games.


The GetActive@Home resources are available to support teachers and parents/carers in keeping students active either at home or to supplement Physical Education programs at school.

Activity challenge cards

Activity challenge cards can be used to support students physical activity levels at home. A useful resource to use for physically active homework. 

Sports abilty playing cards

Inclusive activity cards for all levels of ability designed to develop children's skills, confidence and motivation for sports-based activities.

Sports ability playing cards 2

Sports Ability 2 complements the Sports Ability program. New set of activity cards, training and extra equipment to support these new activities.

Traditional Indigenous Games 

Sport Australia 'Traditional Indigenous Games' activity cards are game-based and help create a safe, inclusive and challenging environment for children.

Indigenous sports ability cards 

Inclusive traditional indigenous games for all levels of ability designed to develop children's skills, confidence and motivation for sports-based activities.


iPLAY is a comprehensive school-based physical activity program. It's proven to lead to dramatic, long-term improvements in student outcomes. 

Behaviour management cards

Developed by the Australian Sports Commission they contain tips and strategies for supporting students who display non-participation, domineering and over-competiveness behaviours. 

Live Life Well @ School FMS program

This resource supports teachers in the explicit teaching of the 12 fundamental movement skills which are essential for students to participate successfully in lifelong physical activity and sport. 

Learning2Lead fitness technique cards

Use the L2L Fitness technique cards to engage students in short HITT workouts at home. No equipment is necessary. Mix and match or have students create their own workouts.

PACE - Physically Active Children in Education

PACE TRH thumbnail

Developed by Hunter New England Health, PACE provides teachers with access to a range of resources and online modules. The focus is on increasing the scheduling of physical activity across the school week, through energisers. It has proven to increase weekly physical activity in schools and improve health outcomes for our students. 





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Last updated: 20 June 2023