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Teaching and learning resources

range of teaching and learning resources for all educators, which will guide the delivery of engaging and physically active lessons. The resources in this section support schools in the integration of physical activity into the curriculum to provide students in K-10 with the minimum 150 minutes of planned physical activity across the school week.

Swimming and water safety

Students in swimming lesson with noodles

The School Sport Unit has a range of swimming and water safety resources called 'Let's be water safe!' for Stages 1, 2, and 3 that include units of learning, animations and ready to print resources to support teachers. 

Thinking while Moving resources

'Thinking while Moving in English' and 'Thinking while Moving in mathematics' resources have been created to support students to be active whilst learning in curriculum areas.


The GetActive@Home resources are available to support teachers and parents/carers in keeping students active either at home or to supplement Physical Education programs at school.

Activity challenge cards

Parents and teachers can access activity challenge cards to support children and students to remain active whilst learning at home

Fast start activity cards

Fast start - Alphabets - image

A Fast start activity provides students with an opportunity to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity within the first few minutes of a lesson.

PSC L2L fitness technique cards

Use the PSC L2L Fitness technique cards to engage students in some short HITT workouts at home. No equipment necessary. Mix and match or have students create their own workouts.

Traditional Indigenous Games 

Kai activity card image

Sport Australia 'Traditional Indigenous Games' activity cards are game-based and help create a safe, inclusive and challenging environment for children.

Playing for life cards

Playing for life

Sport Australia 'Playing for life' activity cards are designed for teachers, coaches and parents/carers to be adapted to different sports and activities.

Learning from home support

Get Active at Home - Overarm throw challenges card image

The School Sport Unit have a range of resources to support schools to engage their students in physical activity while learning from home.

Tips for participants and emerging athletes

The Office of Sport has a range of helpful infographics offering tips for parents and participants/athletes that can be viewed and downloaded.

Awareness presentation for Sport safety guidelines

The presentation outlines how the Sport safety guidelines are an effective tool in decreasing the frequency and severity of injury associated with sport and physical activity while promoting healthy participation.

Sample whole school physical activity timetables

School leaders and teachers can find examples of how the minimum requirements of planned physical activity can be implemented.

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Last updated: 23 November 2021